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Our Products

new х-series nicotine pads

Looking for a nicotine pad that delivers a satisfying experience without the unpleasant aftertaste?

Look no further than HALT, the one of top-rated brand hailing from Estonia. When you purchase HALT pads, you’re not only treating yourself to a superior product – you’re also supporting a local manufacturer.

Nicotine pads under the HALT brand, or “tups” in the vernacular, are made in Estonia with local taste preferences in mind.

Customers rave about HALT’s Cold Sweet Mint and Natural Mint pads, which are carefully crafted to cater to Estonian taste preferences.
Based on customer feedback, HALT Cold Sweet Mint and HALT Natural Mint pads are of high quality compared to competitors’ products and do not leave a sweet or salty aftertaste after use.

A good potential is guaranteed in the property of the pad to transmit nicotine even after repeated use, in other words, the pad retains a significant effect even after the second or third use.

Don’t settle for subpar nicotine pads that leave you with a lingering salty or sweet taste. Choose HALT and discover the difference for yourself.